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About Ostronic Plumbing

Back in 1908 my grandfathers brother John Ostronic became the first of four brothers to become a plumber in Omaha Nebraska. He eventually opened the first Ostronic Plumbing Co. He started a long line of what is still in the family today. My Grandfather George Ostronic worked as a plumber til the age of 72 and my father George Ostronic has carried on that tradition for over fifty years, along the way opening his own plumbing shop in 1980. Quality, dependability and pride has become part of the Ostronic name which I am proud to carry on today.

I have been a plumber in the city Of Omaha for 20 years and have wide variety of experience in commercial and residential plumbing. I hold a Master Plumbing license in Iowa and Nebraska for Plumbing and gas piping. I am very proud of the work that I do and the reputation that my name has.